THINK about the things you think about when you are wondering while reading a post or a product label. Take the time to reflect when it shoves itself, in the flow of contradictory information you’ve seen or you think you know. Take a moment to make a choice. Think of it quietly, think of it quickly, think of it alone, talk about it with your friends, with your loves, with your grandparents.
LIVE in accordance with your deep and furtive thoughts, live according to your creator’s instincts, builder of your life and affiliated builder of the lives of those close to you, in accordance with what makes you happy — yes, happy! —, every moment of happiness is to be considered, and a string of these moments could perhaps lead to another lifestyle? Another way of life? A different way of bringing life?

WEAR your thoughts and choices. Wear them in front, outside, around, and above all, inside. Wear them from the top of your lungs which swell to speak, from the end of your arms rising to embrace, from the corner of your eyes no longer afraid to cry, with the part of your heart trying to spread, and expand to join. Isn’t it the ultimate goal, to bring serenely, far and wide, what inhabits us?

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